GRASS VALLEY Control Panel

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  • Model Number: CP 3830
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The CP 3830 Control Panel is a 12−category,* full−matrix,* multi−level* breakaway* panel, capable of locking,* protect-

ing,* and chopping* outputs. The panel features eight−character display capability and relegendable, lighted push buttons.

The Current display window shows the source switched to the panel's controlled output. The Preset window shows the new

source as it is being entered from the category and keypad push buttons; after TAKE is pressed, the previous source is shown

in the Preset window. This allows "flip−flopping" the sources, or switching between the current and preset sources by simply

pressing the TAKE button (see page 6−78).

The push buttons are capable of green, red, and amber back lighting, with green generally used to show a selected function

and red to indicate an operational mode in progress. The amber color is presently used only for a CP 3830 dedicated output

panel (see page 5−126).

As an option, the CP 3830 can be operated in connection with an adjacent CP 3809 Expansion Panel (see page 6−124) or a

CP 3810 Expansion Panel (see page 6−126).

Dual CP 3830 panels can be configured so that one of the panels is used as a dedicated output panel (see page 5−126). Dual

output mode is also possible with two panels side by side

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