GRASS VALLEY CP-0808 8x8 X-Y Control Panel

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8x8 X-Y Control Panel

The CP-0808 is an X-Y remote control panel for the 8x8 series of routing switchers. The panel offers two rows of buttons with eight input select buttons on the top row. The input buttons have different colors for displaying both video and audio status during breakaway operations. The bottom row of buttons selects the eight router outputs. The last selected output will be indicated with the color, the status of that output is indicated on the colors in the top row of buttons. The group of four buttons on the left-hand side of the panel provides the following functions:

• TAKE Executes the last operation

• TAKE ON/OFF Enables / disables Take function

• AUDIO / VIDEO Enables Audio, Video or AFV

• ENABLE Enables panel    

Technical Details


Connectors: Control Bus (2 each), RS-232

AC Power: External DC power supply 120 or 240


DC power: +5V, connector DB9 male (included)

Dimensions: 483 x 44 x 45 mm (19”, l RU)

The local control panel option for the 8x8 series of switchers

provides a CP-0808 panel integrated into the router package.

A ±15VDC desktop power supply with IEC mains connector

(non-captured) is included in the price.


CP-0808 part number: F7-023650-701

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