GRASS VALLEY Audio Analog to D Converter (Brand new)

  • $100.00

  • Brand: Grass Valley
  • Model Number: 8920ADC
  • Product Code: BS17420
  • Availability: In Stock
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The 8920ADC converts analog audio to digital audio. Its various modes allow you to modify the outgoing signal such as channel swapping, channel summing, phase inversion, and more. The remote capability supports mode selection and input gain control. 

Technical Details

Key Features

  • 24-bit resolution

  • Wide range of output modes (swap, invert,

    sum, tones)

  • AES/EBU loopthrough reference input

  • 48 kHz sampling rate

  • Terminal block input via adapter for balanced analog audio input

  • Independent input level control from +12 dBu to +28 dBu

  • Remote control via Ethernet frame I/F 

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