GRASS VALLEY Audio A-to-D Converter With Audio Tracking Delay (Brand new)

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  • Brand: Grass Valley
  • Model Number: 8920ADT
  • Product Code: BS17423
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The 8920ADT takes the best features of our 8920ADC and 8916, and incorporates them into one cost-effective, space- saving module. It provides conversion of analog audio to digital audio with the capability to simultaneously adjust for lip sync errors. It offers two forms of delay that are summed—a fixed delay of up to 1.365 seconds and a variable delay based on a signal from one of our video frame synchronizers, enabling you to adjust for a large, fixed lip sync error while continuously adjusting audio delay to match the video delay created by the frame sync. The 8920ADT also provides various modes of controlling the output audio signal such as channel swapping, channel summing, and phase inversion. 

Technical Details

Key Features

  • 24-bit resolution

  • 75Ω or 110Ω output

  • Wide range of output modes (swap, invert, sum, tones)

  • Loop-through reference input (video, AES-3id, AES word clock)

  • 48 kHz sampling rate
    • Terminal block input via adapter


    • Up to 1.365 second delay in 2 ms increments

    • Auto-tracks frame sync delays (8900FSS, 8981FS, RS-232 serial data)

    • Remote control via Ethernet frame interface 

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