GRASS VALLEY AES EBU Reclocking Distribution Amplifier (Brand new)

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  • Brand: Grass Valley
  • Model Number: 8911
  • Product Code: BS17410
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The amount of digital audio is ever increasing as studios and broadcast facilities transition to digital. The 8911 offers a low-cost method of reclocking AES/EBU digital audio signals to ensure signal integrity. Best of all, the 8911 fits into our 8900-V series Gecko frames or into a GeckoFlex frame with an 8900V-R rear module, which boast passive differential loopthrough inputs, high density, and a wide range of distribution and format conversion functions. 

Technical Details

Key Features

  • Differential looping input offers excellent common mode rejection (CMR)

  • Eight outputs

  • Accepts 48, 44.1, and 32 kHz

  • Reclocking removes jitter induced by long cable runs

    Note: for balanced 110Ω requirements see the 8912 series digital audio distribution amplifiers 

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