Eyeheight FB-9E with LK-2 single channel logo inserter

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The FB-9E is eyeheight's intelligent 1RU chassis. The chassis has 6 available slots for up to 6 processing cards. The chassis has diagnostic functions such as temperature and PSU monitoring as well as a web server running java applets allowing software control of the inserted processing cards as well as relevant status information on each card. Up to 14 global GPI's can be individually programmed to change the state of any function on any processing card. Global tallies also take on-air information from selected cards. Automation over a chassis or a whole eyeheight network is possible using the RS232/422 or ethernet connection. Redundant power supplies are also available with power fail warning tally. Chassis and panel connections are achieved using the I-Bus using 

this unite have 5 LK-2  single channel logo inserter installed in the 1RU chassis

Technical Details


-1RU Chassis holding 6 single slot processing cards or 3 double slot processing cards.

-Temperature and voltage monitoring with alarms.

-Internal web server displays information about chassis and inserted cards.

-Java applets return error status information on inserted cards.

-Java applet for "soft" generic setup panel emulating FP-9 hard panel.

-Individually tailored applets for control of most processing cards.

-Up to 14 GPI's can be programmed individually to set parameters and trigger processing cards.

-Up to 3 GPO's can take on-air information from relevant processing cards.

-One dedicated PSU fail tally to indicate redundant PSU failure.

-RS232/RS422 connection can be used for generic "genetics" automation over the whole I-Bus network. This is

also used for PresTX playout channel automation for playout systems.

-Chassis and panels can be simply networked together using eyeheight's I-Bus. This uses standard CAT-5 ethernet pinout cabling and connectors.

-Chassis software can be fully updated by flash technology.

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