EyeHeight FP-9 Generic control and setup panel for all genetics products

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  • Brand: EyeHeight
  • Model Number: FP-9
  • Product Code: BS16018
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The FP-9 are the generic control and set-up panel for all genetics products. The FP-9 is a 1RU control panel designed to be either remotely sited from an FB-9E chassis or alternatively it can be sited on the front of the chassis. The unit has quick access to up to 8 modules within any number of chassis on an I-Bus network. The FP10 is a desktop version of the FP-9. It differs only in that it has quick access to up to 6 modules.
Technical Details


-Generic control panel to operate and set up all eyeheight genetics products.


-Quick access to 6 (FP-10) or 8 (FP-9) installed modules.

-Panel can be remotely sited up to 250 Meters from chassis.

-Standard ethernet CAT5 cables used for connection.

-Up to 16 panels can be used on any eyeheight I-Bus network across up to 16 chassis.

-FP-9 can be sited directly onto the front of an FB-9E chassis.

-PS-2 keyboard connection for data entry.

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