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  • Brand: 360 Systems
  • Model Number: RC-220
  • Product Code: BS18220
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The RC-220 Mini Keyboard provides remote access to all DigiCart functions, plus the full range of up to 104 PRESETS. The RC-220 also allows use of the FIND function for Cut and Stack Names and Indexes.

The RC-220 functions in the same manner as a standard AT-type 101 keyboard but does so with fewer keys by doubling up on key functions. That is, certain keys have a secondary function that is available by using the FN key in conjunction with the double function key. For example, the number keys share functions with alpha keys and can be accessed by employing the NUM LOCK mode. Also, the FN key can be used to access the secondary level functions.

The upper row of Function Keys are assigned to specific chores dealing with DigiCart transport controls, menu selection, and other operational functions.

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