360 systems Instant Replay DR-554-E Audio Clip Player with Editing

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  • Model Number: DR-554E-24
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The system provides an unusual combination of mass storage, direct access to stored audio and ease of operation, all in a professional quality package. Key features include:

  • Storage of up to 1,000 audio Cuts.
  • Twenty-four hours of storage.
  • Assignment of Cuts to 50 front panel Hot-Keys.
  • Playlists that store a sequence of Hot-Keys for manual or automatic playback.
  • 10 Banks – each providing up to 50 Hot-Key Assignments and a Playlist for those Hotkeys.
  • Beginning with this revision (2.3 software), Head and Tail editing with variable Fade In and Fade Out length is supported.
  • "Find" function locates a Cut by entering its Name or Index Number.
  • Familiar tape transport style controls to provide fast and sure operation.

References to menu items in this manual are in capital letters, such as RECORD SETUP. References to physical features such as buttons and connectors are in small capitals, such as PLAY.

Technical Details

There are four primary uses for Hot-Keys:

  • Triggering playback of assigned Cuts
  • As an alphanumeric keyboard
  • Bank selection, using the top row of keys
  • Drive selection, when an external drive is connected, using the “E” and “I” keys

The main array of 50 buttons are Hot-Keys numbered 1 through 50. A Hot-Key's primary function is to trigger playback of a Cut assigned to it. Hot-Keys light up whenever their assigned Cut is playing.

Most buttons additionally carry an alphabet character. In operations that require the entry of text and numbers, such as Change Cut Name, Change Bank Name and Move Cut, the Hot-Keys serve as a typewriter-style keyboard. Key number 50 is a Backspace key that allows deleting characters. Keys 48 and 49 are cursor movement keys that allow you to move to any character position. Key number 40 is an ASTERISK (*) character used by the Find function. Keys 41 to 47 all function as a space bar.

In the Bank Select mode, the numbers 1 through 10 on the top row select the corresponding Banks numbered 1 through 10. When an external drive is connected and enabled in the Configuration menu, the I and E keys select the Internal or External drive.

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