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360 Systems E-3000 DigiCart/E Ethernet Audio Network Recorder/Player

360 Systems - E-3000
360 Systems - E-3000
360 Systems - E-3000
360 Systems - E-3000
360 Systems - E-3000
360 Systems - E-3000
360 Systems - E-3000
360 Systems - E-3000
360 Systems E-3000 DigiCart/E Ethernet Audio Network Recorder/Player
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  • Model: E-3000

DigiCart/EX is the most advanced hard disk/cart system in the broadcast industry.  Building on the proven design of the industry-standard DigiCart II and DigiCart/E, your new DigiCart/EX delivers many significant enhancements, such as SD memory card removable media, network connectivity through 360 Systems’ Ethernet Audio network, 24-bit audio, WAV file format, a separate sync input, larger display, larger internal disk drive and many other refinements.  Please refer to 360 Systems Ethernet Audio Network Manual for information on setting up the network. The star feature of the new DigiCart/EX is its connection to the Ethernet Audio™ network.  This 100Mb Ethernet connection allows file transfers, playback over the network, and recording to a network drive.  With Bit-for-Bit™ technology,

DigiCart/EX and the Ethernet Audio network are also fully compatible with non-PCM audio data such as Dolby-E and AC-3. A notable feature of DigiCart is selectable recording formats.  Choices include linear sampling rates of 96, 88.2, 48, or 44.1 kilosamples/second in stereo, or 48K Dolby AC-2.  All formats can coexist.  Further, DigiCart/EX has a built-in sample rate converter that can be switched into either the incoming or outgoing audio path.  Now, each digital recording can be converted on-the-fly so an entire library can be maintained in at one sample rate standard.  Alternately, a library of recordings may be maintained as a mixture of native sample rates; DigiCart/EX can convert these files on output to a predetermined standard (e.g. 48K, for broadcast). DigiCart/EX can now build and store Playlists on network drives that can be accessed from any DigiCart on the network. 

Playlists can be used concurrently from many locations, or can be accessed from anywhere in the plant as a production moves from studio to studio. Hot Keys have always been a DigiCart accessory, but fixed Hot Keys have now been added to the front panel of DigiCart/EX.  Hot Keys allow pre-assignment of a cut or Playlist to a trigger key, so that it can be played immediately.  This takes the work out of searching for a file when it is needed in a hurry. An important feature in DigiCart/EX is network Hot Key assignments.  Hot Keys can be stored and recalled in two ways, either Network Drive or Local Drive.  The chief benefit of using Net Drive Hot Keys is that those Hot Key assignments can be accessed by more than one user concurrently from anywhere on the network. DigiCart/EX now has a separate AES-11 sync input.  An AES-75 ohm input connection is dedicated to this task. 

Also new are gain adjustment trims on the analog outputs so that DigiCart/EX can be matched perfectly with downstream equipment. DigiCart/EX now provides power to the 360 Systems RC-320 remote control via the serial cable, so there is no need for a separate wall-mounted power supply.  Additionally, there is now a second serial port available for ES-Bus or Peripheral Bus controls, so that the RC-320 remote control can always remain attached.

360 Systems E-3000

Technical Details


In the cued position, the display shows cut name, Index number, length of cut, assigned


directory and drive source. It also shows the cuts sampling rate and recording mode— linear


or Dolby AC-2 encoded. In the play mode, it shows remaining or elapsed time, current cut


and the next cut cued up.



Position Arrows

Select drives and directories.



Select Arrows

Review cuts by scrolling through directory listing. Displays cut name and time.



Hot Keys

Provide rapid playback of sixteen pre-assigned cuts or Playlists.




Access cuts from any directory (including the Playlist directory), by entering the ID number.




Use these 10 keys to enter cut ID numbers. Simply punch in the number and hit Enter for


visual verification of the proper cut— then press Play.



Playlist Directory

Direct access to the Playlist directory.




Cancels incorrect entries.




Enters/confirms new selections or entries.



Assign Hot Keys

Selected cuts or Playlists are "mapped" to the sixteen Hot Keys.



View Playlist

Visual preview of a Playlist before use.



Make Playlist

Assemble groups of cuts together.




Control DigiCart transport functions via RC-320.




Plays a cut or a Playlist continuously.




Places machine on "hold" in both Play and Record modes.



Edit Menu

Selects Edit Menu options.



Setup Menu

Selects Setup Menu options.



Utility Menu

Selects Utility Menu options.