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360 systems 2730 DIGICART II random access RECORDER

360 Systems - 2730
360 Systems - 2730
360 Systems - 2730
360 Systems - 2730
360 Systems - 2730
360 Systems - 2730
360 Systems - 2730
360 Systems - 2730
360 systems 2730 DIGICART II random access RECORDER
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360 systems 2730 DIGICART II random access RECORDER

Congratulations! You have chosen DigiCart/II Plus, the most advanced hard disk/cart system in the broadcast industry. Building on technology proven in the industry-standard DigiCart/II, your new DigiCart/II Plus delivers many significant enhancements. A few of these enhancements include the use of low-cost removable Iomega Zip™ disks, larger hard disks, and the inclusion of the D-Net file transfer network as standard.

Cuts are stored on an internal fixed hard disk drive (HDD) or removable Zip™ disks. Each DigiCart/II Plus contains an internal hard drive and Zip drive.

Transportable recordings for archiving and backup are stored on Iomega Zip disks. These economical, re-recordable compact magnetic disks are DigiCart/II Plus's "carts". Iomega, the company that built the reliable Bernoulli™ drive used in the legendary DigiCart/II, has engineered the Zip drive system to provide the speed, ease of use, and reliability required in professional audio. Each Zip disk can store 100MB of data - enough to record 8¾ minutes of 16-bit linear stereo at 48k, and 9½ minutes at 44.1k.

A notable feature of DigiCart/II Plus is selectable recording formats. You may choose linear sampling rates of 48, 44.1 or 32 kilosamples/second in mono or stereo. All formats can coexist, for the machine is smart and plays them back automatically. Dolby AC-2 stereo data compression is selectable at the 48k rate. AC-2 delivers more than five times as much stereo storage time with subjectively excellent sound quality. Accurate compression and expansion of digital information accomplish this. AC-2 does not use "psycho-acoustic tricks" that discard parts of the sound that might not be noticed.

DigiCart/II Plus's storage space is variable. By matching bandwidth and track needs to the material (or limits of the downstream audio chain) you may maximize storage. These flexible rates provide advantages for the broadest range of applications. For most applications, Dolby AC-2 delivers the greatest broadband storage without regard to content. AC-2 uses less disk space than even 32k mono recording while delivering full-bandwidth stereo.

Because DigiCart/II Plus is a software-based device, supplementary information can be stored along with each individual audio recording. This information is stored in a header containing:

  • Five-character ID for drive, directory, and cut.
  • A name of up to fifteen alphanumeric characters 

Technical Details

General Specifications


Removable Cartridge

Zip™ magnetic disk



Insertion/ Removal Cycles

2,000 minimum



Estimated Shelf Life

10 Years



Cartridge Drive Reliability

MTBF: >100,000 hours



Internal Hard Disk

1000 MB standard; larger sizes available



Hard Disk Reliability

MTBF: >250,000 hours



Start/Restart Time

Instantaneous from any location



Cue to Next cut





2-line x 20 character vacuum-fluorescent



Level Metering

Quasi-peak responding LED display



Input controls

Input level controls on front panel, one each channel



GPI Remote controls

Remote contracts with return lamp drive; 25-pin "D”





Serial Remote control

Full control with EIA-485 (EIA-422 compatible); ES-Bus


interface; 9-pin "D" connector



Cue controls

Secondary: SPDT floating relay outputs



Cue Erase

SEC Cues may be individually erased



Cue Relocate

Cues are moved by pressing SEC while playing a cut



Form Factor

3U half-rack; stand-alone or rack mounting on accessory





Circuit Cards

FR-4 epoxy glass stock, with 94-VO flame retardant


rating; gold plated edge connectors



Agency Approvals

See “Safety Compliance”, pg. 2




115/230 volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 2.5 A Max



Country of Origin





Physical Dimensions



5.19" (130mm) (Standard EIA 1/2-Rack, 3U High)




8.50" (213mm)




17.13" (428mm)



Net Weight

18.25 Lbs (8.3 Kg)



Shipping Weight

25 Lbs




Audio Specifications



10Hz - 20kHz ±0.5 dB; optionally 15kHz @ Fs = 32,000




16 bit linear



Sampling Frequencies

48K; 44.1K; 32K; Stereo or Mono



Dynamic Range

>92 dB




>90 dB



Distortion (THD+N)

<0.005% ref. to full scale



Interchannel Phase Deviation

<0.1 degree at 15kHz



Interchannel Crosstalk

>90 dB at any frequency



Input Circuit

Electronically balanced with RF suppression; Input Z = 40k


ohms each leg; XLR-3 type connectors



Nominal Operating Level

+4dBu Output = 18dBFS Digital



Common Mode Rejection

Better than 60 dB @ 120 Hz



Maximum Input Level

+21 dBu single ended, +27 dBu differential



Output Circuit

Phase corrected differential outputs; short circuit proof & RF


protected. Output Z = 100 ohms



Maximum Output Level

+16 dBu single ended, +22 dBu differential



Digital Inputs

AES/EBU*, XLR-3 type Conn., 110Ω; BNC Conn.,


75Ω;IEC958 Type II, unbal., BNC connector w/RCA adapter