360 systems DIGICART II random access RECORDER 2520

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DigiCart/II Plus, the most advanced hard disk/cart system in the broadcast industry. Building on technology proven in the industry standard DigiCart/II, your new DigiCart/II Plus delivers many significant enhancements. A few of these enhancements include the use of low cost removable Iomega Zip™ disks, larger hard disks and the inclusion of the D-Net file transfer network as standard.

Cuts are stored on an internal fixed hard disk drive (HDD) or removable Zip™ disks. Each

DigiCart/II Plus contains an internal hard drive and Zip drive.

360 systems DIGICART II random access RECORDER 2520

Transportable recordings for archiving and backup are stored on Iomega Zip disks. These economical, re-recordable compact magnetic disks are DigiCart/II Plus's "carts". Iomega, the company that built the reliable Bernoulli™ drive used in the legendary DigiCart/II, has engineered the Zip drive system to provide the speed, ease of use and reliability required in professional audio. Each Zip disk can store 100mb of data - enough to record 8_ minutes of 16-bit linear stereo at 48k, and 9_ minutes at 44.1k.

A notable feature of DigiCart/II Plus is selectable recording formats. You may choose linear sampling rates of 48, 44.1 or 32 kilosamples/second in mono or stereo. All formats can coexist, for the machine is smart and plays them back automatically. Dolby AC-2 stereo data compression is selectable at the 48k rate. AC-2 delivers more than five times as much stereo storage time with subjectively excellent sound quality. Accurate compression and expansion of the digital information accomplish this. AC-2 does not use "psycho-acoustic tricks" that discard parts of the sound that might not be noticed.

DigiCart/II Plus's storage space is variable. By matching bandwidth and track needs to the material (or limits of the downstream audio chain) you may maximize storage. These flexible rates provide advantages for the broadest range of applications. For most applications, Dolby AC-2 delivers the greatest broadband storage without regard to content. AC-2 uses less disk space than even 32k mono recording while delivering full bandwidth stereo.


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