192-Channel DMX512 Light Controller Show Designer Console

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The Controller is a universal intelligent lighting ControlIer. It allows the control of 12 fixtures composed of 16 channels each an d up to 184 programable scenes. Six chase banks can contain up to 184 steps composed of the saved scenes and in any order.

Programs can be triggered by music, midi, automaticalIy or manually. AII chases can be executed at the same time. On the surface you will find various programming tools such as 8 universal channel sliders, quick access scanner and scene buttons, and an LED display indicator for easier navigation of controls and menu functions.

Technical Details

DMX512/1990 Standard

Controls 12 intelligent lights of up to 16 channels, totally 192 channels 23 banks, each with 8 scenes; 6 chase, each with up to 184 scenes Record up to 6 chases with fade time and speeds

MIDI control over banks, chases and blackout Built-in microphone for music mode

Auto mode program controlled by fade time sliders DMX in/out: 3 pin XRL

Plastic end housing

Auto-save last running program when switch off or power off and continue play last running program while switch ON or power ON again.

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